Hunt Information

Getting Started: It’s easy!!

The hunt is taking place on a date TBD within the next few weeks. The start time will also be determined at a later time. It will continue for five hours. After five hours, Cutthroat Time kicks in. You're looking for a pirate treasure worth $10,000! There are other treasures which range from $100 - $1,000. DO NOT MISS OUT!


When you purchase admission, you will receive a confirmation email, along with instructions on how to contact SWFL Treasure Hunt on Hunt Day via automated text message.

KEEP YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. You will be required to present this to staff for proof of purchase in order to claim a prize or to be verified at Clue Stations. 

Make sure you have a valid I.D. You must present I.D. in order to claim a prize or be verified at clue stations.


For Standard Admission, you will receive the map of your Hunt Zones three days prior to Hunt Day. Use that time to study the areas and learn as much as you can about the historical and cultural background of each Hunt Zone.

The Hunt will take place in areas designated as Hunt Zones throughout Lee County. You will receive a map with your Hunt Zones, labeled A, B, C, etc.You will proceed in that order, starting at A and then B and so on. 

On Hunt Day, Hunters are free to head to their respective Hunt Zone A’s as early as they want. No need to register on Hunt Day. Just show up and when you receive your first set of clues, go to work! 

At 9 am all hunters will receive an automated text message with their first set of clues. Solve those clues!

Once all clues are solved in a Hunt Zone, Hunters will report to the Clue Station in their Hunt Zone. Staff will verify that you have completed all tasks and solved all clues. Once verified, Staff will give Hunters their next set of clues for their next Hunt Zone.

Proceed to the next Hunt Zone. Repeat the process until all Hunt Zones are complete.

Once Hunters have completed all their Hunt Zones, they will proceed to a central location to be revealed on Hunt Day. There, hunters will be given the location of the Treasure Zone. Hunters will be told where the central location is at the completion of their final Hunt Zone. 

 Proceed to the Treasure Zone and report to the Clue Station. You will have to locate the Clue Station on your own. Look for our flag! There, you will be given your final set of clues. Be the first to solve the clues and find the treasure before any other aspiring buckos and you will be $10,000 richer!

 Side Hunts

Along the way, you may notice that there are alternative Hunt Routes that appear on the information you receive from staff at the clue stations. These are maps to smaller treasures. You do not have to pursue them! However, if you would rather go after these smaller treasures, they range from $100-$1,000 and they are up for grabs just like the $10,000. 

If you get to the location of the Side Treasure and its already gone, you simply jump back into the main hunt.

If you are the first to find a side treasure, you are officially out of the main hunt. Only one treasure can be claimed per individual ticket holder. 

For more information, please check out our FAQ section. Much of the information you will need can be found there!


Hunters who have purchased a general admission ticket will receive two hints. Hunters can use these hints at any time at any stage of the Hunt. Hints will be delivered via automated text message.