• When will I receive the map?

 Standard Admission: If you purchased a standard admission ticket your Hunt Zone map will be delivered to your email three days prior to the Hunt. SWFL Treasure Hunt will ask you to confirm that you have received your information. SWFL Treasure Hunt is not responsible for lost or misplaced emails.

  • How will I know where my Hunt Zones are?

Hunt Zones will appear on the Hunt Zone map you will receive prior to the Hunt. They will be outlined areas marked “A,” “B,” “C,” etc. You will proceed in alphabetical order, e.g., If your Hunt Zone “A” is an area outlined in Koreshan State Park, that is your starting point!

  • How will I get from Hunt Zone to Hunt Zone?

This Hunt encompasses a large area of Lee County. You will need to make sure that you have reliable transportation and plenty of gas. However, if you think you can keep up with the competition on your bicycle, you are more than welcome to try! However, no matter how you choose to get around, always make sure to obey all traffic laws and be safe. Reckless or unlawful behavior could disqualify you from claiming a treasure. Also, you definitely want to make sure your phone is charged, and your data is available so you can utilize GPS.

  • Am I allowed to use my phone?

You are permitted and encouraged to use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Use it for directions, or help solving clues. Make sure you have data and a charger!

  • Can my friends and family help me out?

There is no limit to how many people can help you. This is a treasure hunt! Get out there and find the treasure! BUT, only the ticket holder can claim a treasure and complete a clue. No one is permitted to complete a task for you. A friend or family member can help you solve a clue, but cannot be the one to actually collect an artifact, snap a photo, or otherwise complete a task. After you complete the tasks in a Hunt Zone, you must be verified by staff at the Clue Station. If someone else has completed a task for you, you will have to go back and complete the task yourself in order to proceed to the next Hunt Zone.

  • Will there be parking available?

SWFL Treasure Hunt is not responsible for providing parking or anything that happens to your vehicle while you happen to be parked while participating in our Hunt. This is a treasure hunt and there is a lot of money at stake. We trust that Hunters who are serious about finding the treasure will make sure to arrive at their respective Hunt Zone “A’s” early in order to secure convenient parking. Otherwise, Hunters will have to utilize public parking areas adjacent to their Hunt Zones.

  • If I find a treasure worth $1,000, can I still find the $10,000 treasure?

If you opt to pursue a side treasure, and are skilled (or lucky) enough to find it, you will claim it at the Clue Station. Once a Hunter has claimed a treasure, they are declared winners and ineligible to claim any other treasures on that Hunt Day. Of course, Hunters are more than welcome to participate in any other Hunt on any other day. There is no limit to how many times a Hunter can win on separate Hunt Days.

  • What happens if nobody finds the treasure on Hunt Day?

The Hunt will last for five hours. We fully expect it to be found within that time. If no Hunters have been able to locate the treasure by the cutoff time, we will enter the “cutthroat” phase of the Hunt. All Hunters will receive an automated text message giving them the location of the Treasure Zone. Once there, Hunters will locate the Clue Station and acquire their list of clues. Start searching! Every 20 minutes after the Cutthroat Phase is announced, another clue will be delivered to all hunters via automated text message until the treasure is found.

  • What happens if the person who finds the treasure is later deemed ineligible for some reason? When the Hunter has solved the last clue and determined the location of the treasure, they will collect the final artifact, token, or photograph and report to the Clue Station in the Treasure Zone. The first Hunter to report to the final Clue Station and be verified by staff that they have completed all tasks in all Hunt Zones will be the winner and will receive a check for $10,000. The second Hunter to report to the final Clue Station will also be verified by staff and if they are compliant and eligible, will receive a SWFL Treasure Hunt T-shirt and free admission for the next Hunt. If for any reason the first-place finisher is deemed ineligible, the second-place finisher will receive the $10,000 treasure. If the second-place finisher is also deemed ineligible, there will be no winner for that month’s treasure hunt.
  • What happens if I find the treasure at the same time as someone else? The first Hunter to enter the final Clue Station will be the first to be addressed by staff. If that Hunter is deemed eligible, they will be the winner.
  • How do I use my hints? When the Hunter is stumped by a clue, or maybe simply wants to get a little help to move along more quickly, they will send a text to hunt staff. They will receive a hint via automated text message. Details on where to send your text will come with your information package after you purchase a ticket.
  • Can I purchase more hints? No extra hints will be given or sold.
  • How far would I expect to travel on Hunt Day? The Hunt will encompass Lee County. The Hunter should be prepared to travel wherever the trail may lead within Lee County.
  • If I am unable to make it, will I get a refund? There will be no refunds. All sales are final. Except in case the Hunt must be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather or for any other reason. To receive a refund in that case, call the offices of SWFL Treasure Hunt or email us.
  • Is this safe for disabled/handicapped people? The Hunt will be accessible to everyone! The hunt will take place in areas which are accessible to all members of the public. Bring EVERYONE! And have a great time!
  • What is a Hunt Zone? The Hunt Zone is a designated area where a hunt will take place. It will be outlined on your map, and no clues will be found outside that boundary, so no need to search for anything outside of the Hunt Zone.
  • When does this hunt take place? SWFL Treasure Hunt will hold one treasure hunt each month beginning in December. Check our Calendar for dates, and keep in mind that dates are subject to change due to weather or availability. If the Hunt Day changes, you will be notified via email. 
  • Can I bring my friends and family? Kids? Bring anybody you like! Just remember that the ticket holder is solely responsible for completing tasks and challenges.
  • What if my last Hunt Zone is farther from the Treasure Zone than someone else's final Hunt Zone? Wouldn't that give them an unfair advantage? To keep it as fair as possible, there will be a neutral area central to the Hunt Zone locations where everyone will report once they have completed their Hunt Zones. Once there, you will be given the location of the Treasure Zone. Proceed to the Treasure Zone and locate the Clue Station. From there, you will receive your final set of clues. Solve them and locate the treasure! Report to the Clue Station. Once verified, you will be $10,000 richer! 
  • Am I looking for an actual treasure buried in the ground? No! You are merely solving the clues which will reveal the location of the treasure. Turn what you've found into the Clue Station for verification. If you are correct, you win! the treasure's yours, matey!
  • Am I looking for actual treasure on the side quests? Will staff be there, as well? No and Yes. The process is the same for side quests as it is for the main hunt. If you discover the location of a treasure on a side quest, you will be paid according to what stage of the hunt you are on. For example, If you are on your Hunt Zone A, you would receive $100 on a side quest treasure. If you were on your Hunt Zone D, you would receive $1,000. The further along in the Hunt you are, the more the side treasures are worth. There is only one $100, $250, $500 and $1,000 treasure to be found. So, the first Hunt Zone A hunter to find the location of a side treasure will get the $100. Any Hunt Zone A hunter thereafter will come up empty handed, and so on.